I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Spain. I’m post graduated in fine arts and have worked most of the time in advertising/publishing agencies doing graphics and ,sometimes, web related development and motion graphics. Althought most of my work is digital I’m very interested on traditional printing processes, specially linocut and screen printing. I’m currently learning 3D modeling. I do not like to deal with other people, I procrastinate a lot, complain all the time if you don’t play the music I like and my goal is to earn tons of money doing only things I like, which almost never involve a marketing director; all of this without any rush because I like to spend time with my dogs and stress is bad for my skin. So if you have a project were I can fit in feel free to send me an email. If you are looking for a responsible, hard working person then check my CV here (password protected) because sometimes I can do that too.